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5 Tips to Reduce Noise from Your Diesel Generator

5 Tips to Reduce Noise from Your Diesel Generator

When Renting a diesel generator, everyone is normally worried about the high levels of noise. This thought happens because these Diesel generators are loud in every industry or hospitality. Then How to reduce noise Diesel Generator?. This article will guide you to some tips that will help you reduce noise from your Diesel Generator.

5 Tips to Reduce Noise from Your Diesel Generator

1. Use Acoustic Enclosure

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Every businessman in the industry will ask this common question: How to reduce noise from a Diesel generator? Because nowadays Diesel generators are mandatory in every industry.

This is the first step to Reduce Noise from your Diesel Generator. The Acoustic enclosure can reduce and lower the actual noise of the generator. Diesel generators with acoustic enclosure is the best option for industry. Acoustic enclosure structured as Wall panels built from perforated steel. It can reduce 50% of sound coming from the generator.

2. Use Anti-vibration Mount to Reduce the Noise Level of Diesel Generator 

The limitation of the noise is another best tip to Reduce Noise from your Diesel Generator.

Setting anti-vibration mounts certainly removes vibrations and decreases noise transmission. Anti-vibration mounts have many options like rubber assemblies, spring assemblies, spring mounts, and dampers. 

The amount of noise you need to achieve depends on your choice.

In combination with insulation vibrations on the generator base, fitting flexible joints between generators and connection systems reduces the noise transfer to the environment

3. Attenuators

The most effective way to reduce noise transmission for industry generators is attenuators.

 It is a device that allows passing a large amount of air but limits noise transmission. Air flows between sound-absorbing splitters and wavelength reduces. 

Note that the sound can be reduced by an attenuation system to between 50-90dB. And a big reduction in noise can occur with a larger attenuator under the general principle.

4. Generators with Noise Levels Less than 75 Db

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The generator creates more noise levels is the reality but there is always a solution. Generators with a noise level below 75 dB can typically be applied in commercial areas because the demand for output is high. so every zone of the generator has different noise level limitations.

The maximum permissible noise level for new generators with a rating of up to 1000 KVA is 75 dB, according to CPCB guidelines. So if you are renting a Generator Rental in Chennai, make sure about this guideline.

5. Acceptable Generator Noise Level in India.

ZoneAcceptable noise level (day time)Acceptable noise level ((night time)
Industrialzone                          75                    70 
Commercial zone                          65                    55
Residential zone                          55                    45
Silent zone                          50                    40

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