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200 | 250 kVA RentalGenerator

200-250 kva rental generator

Are you looking for the Latest 200-250 kva rental generator that suits your budget and requirements? 

In the table below, see product specifications and compare the kva and price that suits your business. There are different types of generators in the Indian market & the best-branded generator rules the power solution industry.

Genset Model Rating (kVA) Length Width Height Weight Fuel Tank Capicity
C200D2R 200 4200 1350 1850 2704 350
C250D5P 250 4800 1500 2025 4065 450

Before Knowing about Diesel generator prices. Understand the generator specifications that will certainly suit your business, industry & your specific requirements.200-250 kva rental generator can overcome the power shortage for the business. This generator can purchased for residential & commercial to increase productivity

Diesel Generators powered by:

Cummins 200 kVA Generator

Product Details Features
Brand Cummins
Rating Power 200 kVA
Output Voltage 415 V
Exhaust Temperature 543 Degree Celsius
Fuel Consumption 34.6 Litre/hr
Number Of Phase 3 Phase
Number Of Cylinder 6,In-line
Cooling Liquid Cooled
Frequency 50 Hz

Cummins 250 kVA Generator

Product Details Features
Brand Cummins
Rating Power 250 kVA
Number Of Phase 3 Phase
Output Voltage 415 V
Duty Prime
Frequency 50/60 Hz

Powering the Future

Pioneer India Cummins Generators are the most preferred in Tamil Nadu with the brand touting a 45% top market share in the industrial segment in our sales region. We have become a major source of backup power supply for all industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Production, Healthcare, Hospitality, Logistics etc.

Think About this hospital, malls, theater, and cricket stadium. How it runs continuously when a power shortage occurs and how they can manage it. The answer is simple they are using a high rating and more than 15 kVA diesel generator. The more rating power you choose for your business need the will give profit and the best output. Many specifications like Generator price are there when you going to buy a diesel generator for your business.

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Its should be 20% more than your connected power connection.. or our experts will suggest free of cost

Right ventilation, easy access to fill fuel.

No less than 75 DB which is as per CPCB norms

At every 300 hours of running or 6-months which ever is earlier.

Just fill fuel keep running. Ensure you change oil & filter as per service norms.

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