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No.1 Load Banks Rental in Chennai

Pioneer India load banks rental solution in Chennai is one of the ideals for routine load testing of emergency power systems including generators, uninterruptible power supplies, and turbines. 

Trusted by 700+ Clients across India, We can provide on the spot data and analysis of the actual condition using real-time data capture and display.

Our rental load bank solutions in Chennai, gives you absolute confidence in the operation and ensures that every piece of equipment is worth the financial investment.

Available Models Of Rental Load Banks

Purely resistive load banks(30 – 160 KW)
Combined resistive and reactive load banks 250 – 1000 KW
Exclusive load banks for direct current (upto 240 V)

Features Of Our Rental Load Banks

  • A high-quality report with a record of all documentation, testing method, schematics, load diagrams etc., is delivered at the end of the load test, which can be used of future reference and audits.
  • Our specialist team stands by you at all times and gives you the clearest picture in defining your requirements, designing the layout and implementing the operation.
  • Our load banks are extremely robust, compact in size, capable of rapid mobilization in any location and carry all protective features and cut-outs to ensure safe operation at all times.
  • Our load banks comply with all national, local and IEEE requirements in safety and performance.
  • We also offer the complete range of accessories (distribution panels, cables etc.,) along with our power banks to offer complete solutions for your needs.
  • Factory production line testing for manufacturers of diesel-engine gen-sets
  • Manufacturers of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supplies)
  • Power factor can be adjusted easily
  • Purely resistive load banks(30 – 160 KW)
  • Combined resistive and reactive load banks (available as standalone single units or a combination for higher loads) 250 – 1000 KW
  • Exclusive load banks for direct current (up to 240 V)

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Exclusive load banks for direct current (upto 240 V)
or units can be designed by customer
Rated voltage48VDC100VDC200VDC400VDC800VDC1000VDC
Rated current1042A500A500A500A500A500A
Min.load step100W or 1A100W or 1A100W or 1A1kW or 1A1kW or 1A1kW or 1A
or units can be designed by customer
DisplayVoltage, Current and Power displayed by digital meter
ProtectionOverheating alarm, Short circuit protection, Overheating protection, Fan overloading protection, Emergency stop button, All protections can be configured optionally
Control modeManual control by MCBs
Air flowHorizontal, Force-air cooling
OptionsHandle panel, PC remote control or timer selectable

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