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5 Points for Renting a Mobile Light Tower

5 points for Renting a Mobile Light Tower

Do Mobile light towers are ruling the industry like mining? Obviously yes! Think about the industry without the light at night times. It is can make your industry in trouble. Yup! Mobile light towers can solve this biggest problem. It is like a flashlight in darkness & Keeping MLT in your hands is back up for business at night times.

For a construction site or concert-like fed light football and cricket matches, Mobile Light Tower Rental is important.

These are some valid reasons that lighting towers give a big impact on your site. 

Also, see How Renting a Mobile Light Tower helps to get rid of the darkness in the factory. Read this blog with consciousness.

1. It Is a Small Generator.

It is a device like multi high-intensity lights and average masts. It is connected to the mast or trailer and can able to charge by a diesel generator that is attached to it. Now this question will arise in your mind Can Lighting Towers Be Used as a Generator? Yup! So Most lighting towers can now be used as small generators.

Almost the lighting tower is the second moon in the nighttime it gives the maximum light for the industry and is one of the most essential products in construction areas.

2. Mobile Light Tower Renting Importance.

When you are using the mobile light tower for a construction site or going to use and ready to Rent them 

Note This: Before Renting there are safety measures to be done early. Firstly it is important to consider why your construction sites need lights and how many you need. Mainly where the lighting towers should be placed and talking about towers branded should be in your mind.

The construction site may need one and more than one light tower it’s depending on the need for a light but at least one is mandatory.

There is one proverb.

If the construction work is allocated for one month rent it for one month to save your money rather than buying it.

Light towers Alleviate the most common problem which is darkness in industry. To give extra light and get rid of darkness light tower is the most important one. Some of the industries need light during the daytime for indoor work lake of light production may stop. 

Immediately employers in the company need the light to fix that issue and doing the stopped production to continue light tower is a Best friend for workers. This will reduce the chance of an accident or injury. So choose the portable one because easy to pull or push and talking about portability there are so many benefits of using mobile portable light towers. For example, Branded MLT can work under hard situations like winter and rainy seasons. 

It is the savior of dark sites during the night that can reduce theft and criminal activities. Construction site supervisors’ best fiend is mobile light towers in night times

3. Choose the Proper Light Tower

These are the question you gonna ask before Renting a Mobile Light Tower.

A. Light range and brightness:

Light range and brightness

Light range is nothing but distance coverage by the light spread generally measured in square meters. The light coverage ranges from 2,000sqm to 8,000sqm.

Lighting towers with 800 lumens can give brighter lumen. One lumen is equal to one candlelight.

The more lumen can give a brighter light. So 800 Lumens is a good level and it is ok for getting rid of darkness.

B. Eco-friendliness and Fuel efficiency:

Eco-friendliness and fuel efficiency

These emergency light towers operate from a generator and mainly you should consider the fuel efficiency at running times.

For example:120 liters tank must come at least 200 hours.

The lighting towers in the olden days were used as traditional lamps and are now used as MLT or LED lighting. LED lighting is cost-efficient but also long-lasting in performance.

C. Mobility and portability

Mobility and portability

Before using the MLT you want to consider how will transport it to your worksite. This is why you need mobility and portable light towers.

So this question is for you. Will you Rent the MLT without Mobility and portability? Definitely not!

For long-distance transport involving several units, you may need a large truck to avoid too many trips and to protect the equipment. If your situation requires a trailer, consider one with a sturdy axle.

4. Guide for Renting a Mobile Light Tower.

It’s important to Rent a light tower. Light towers are a critical piece of construction equipment Before Renting follow up these three things

Size of light towers

The size of an industrial light tower can be determined by two factors – the generator’s size and the tower’s physical dimensions

When it comes to the generator size always be aware of auxiliary power.

There are so many varieties of size in MLT added with Genset ranges from 4kVA-30kVA.Be conscious when selecting the size of the MLT and check before where should be placed and how many sq covers light areas it gives.

5. Presence of Mobile Light Tower.

Several types of work sites require light towers as a practical and safety measure. Here are some examples:

  • Parking areas
  • Storehouse areas
  • Commercial construction
  • Residential building
  • Welding
  • Plumbing

Have you acknowledged something about MLT? This common question raise in your mind Where to Rent? Click Here for more info.

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