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How does the generator industry Function in Chennai?

Role of Diesel Generators in Chennai

Electricity is a life that people in the 21st century can’t live without electricity. Most kinds of electricity usage are commercial, industrial or household need electricity to perform. Typically, electricity boards supply electric power – (usually is called grid power) for the industrial, commercial & residential, commercial & residential use with a promise to supply continuous power 24/7).

This form of supply helps fixed establishments such as a factory, a shop, apartment building, or house to execute their day-to-day activities without any disruption. Also use other industrial jobs such as drilling a borewell in a remote location, conducting a cinema shooting outdoors, or building a construction site that also needs electric power to function but there is no available grid power supply. When the grid power supply is interrupted due to a power cut, the daily life activities of several usages come to a grinding stopped suddenly.

In Such cases, diesel generators as external sources of electric power come to the rescue and they become the lifeline so that necessary activities that required electricity to function do not suffer.

Generators Manufacturer:

The generator manufacturer industry in both south India and north India is operated by several large manufacturers and a huge number of smaller manufacturers running a plant. They manufacture quality generators of varying 10 more sizes in compliance with Indian standards types and international standards types. Each standard includes ISO for generating set. Manufacturing generator based on Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) regulations & guidelines. Comply with notification and guidelines issues by CPCB in regard to noise and emission control.

Generator manufacturers invest-heavily generators in setting for the production of high-quality Genset. The two main types of generators manufacturing in India, Diesel generators and gasoline generators. Some of the manufacturers have shown interest in manufacturing hybrid generators that depend on both solar energy and fuel energy.

Categories generators manufacturing in India: KVA Rating mentioned below,

  • 5 KVA – 75 KVA
  • 75.1 KVA – 375 KVA
  • 375.1 KVA – 750 KVA
  • 750.1 KVA – 1,000 KVA
  • 1,000.1 KVA – 2,000 KVA
  • Above 2,000 KVA

5 KVA – 75 KVA generators have the highest market share because of their utility these generator wide range of applications, these categories of Genset used major industry. Besides, these generators are easily available at an affordable price with a 5-years warranty plan. Higher rated generators and used in heavy-duty applications such as borewell digging, cement mixing, and other construction sites and mining activities in Kal quarry.

Also, generator manufacturing companies focus to produce portable generators that find uses in millions of establishments across the country to serve as a source of electricity in times cuts grid supply.

Generator Dealers and Generator Rental Services:

The generator market follows a two type of distribution systems covering rental service and dealership. Typically, a dedicated state generator(Local distribution) or generator supplier represents the manufacturer in a particular state under whom get dealership representing different districts in the state operate. The function of distributors and rental suppliers is to develop the market in the territories allotted to them by appointing dealers to cover all the customer segments.

Each distributor consultant’s Indian manufacturing company would appoint as many dealers as required. The distributors stock the generators required in the marketplace and offer credit facilities to all dealers.

The generator market has more important segments based on parameters that include KVA ranges and the end-user segment comprises:

  • Commercial Usage: Retail, offices, shop, hospitals, and hotels
  • Industrial Usage: Manufacturing, energy generation, drilling, mining, and transportation
  • Residential Usage: Homes, Appartments, and small offices

A generator manufacturer supplements the distributor’s effort with support from a company representative dedicated to facilitating the end-user.

Generator Dealers:

Generator dealer is the primary point of contact for the customers. The generator distributors train dealers, including diesel generator dealers, on all aspects of sales with adequate support from the marketing team of the generator manufacturer. On all aspects of Genset sales with adequate support from the marketing team of the generator manufacturer.

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