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How to Deal With Noisy Air Compressors

How to Deal With Noisy Air Compressors

Do you guys think about why air compressors are very noisy and always messed up with eardrums?

Intrinsically air compressor is noisy and there are many air compressor and even branded air compressor can make much noise.

Here are some of the compressors and their noise level briefly explained also you can acknowledge which Is Right for Your Business?

Rotary Compressors

Rotary Compressors

Generally, a compressor without an acoustic enclosure may create more sound and which is extremely annoying. These types of air compressors are used in many industries and the noise level of this air compressor is 85 to 95 Dba range.

Small Piston Air Compressor

Small Piston Air Compressor

This type of air compressor can be seen in the mechanical shop for compressing air in the vehicle and it is a small air compressor in which the units have innate automatic noise from the fan and piston. The noise level of this air compressor is 90 to 95 Dba.

Reciprocating Air Compressor  

Reciprocating Air Compressor

The Reciprocating Compressor is automatically sound and compared to a large engine. The sound of this air compressor is really annoying 

and the sound travels from the inlet filter through the walls.

Semi-enclosed Rotary Screw

Semi enclosed Rotary Screw

Many rotary screw air compressors were invented in the 65s and 80s. The noise of this compressor is also high-pitched sound and annoying.

The noise level of this compressor is 95 to 100 Dba.

So this is the type of air compressor that makes sound and the next step is to control the sound of the air compressor.

Here Are Some Tips That Really Control the Sound of the Air Compressor

  • Protect using sound acoustic curtains or use an acoustic enclosure for the air compressor.
  • Change the air compressor place out from the working area or office area.
  • The reduce inlet compression noise of the air compressor install the inlet filter silencer that really works and can reduce the noise of the compressor.
  • In between the air compressor and the piping system, the flex line should be installed to ensure frequencies are not transmitted to the plan.
  • If you want to reduce the noise in the compressor immediately vent the fan of the air compressor. 
  • The compressor needs to pipe and the inlet of the air compressor can reduce the sound. So it is also an essential point to reduce the sound of the air compressor.

So What Is the Acceptable Noise Level of the Air Compressor?

We Pioneer India has many types of air compressors and many clients are renting from us. As a certified company, we know the Acceptable noise level of the air compressor. There are so many advantages of renting air compressors in pioneer India. Our Air compressor noise level is below 75 Dba which is completely safe for the environment and we know the regulation.

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