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How to Choose the Best Mobile Light Tower for Rental in India

Mobile lighting towers rental in Chennai

Light is the most essential thing in our everyday life. In the daytime, Light might not be needed, but in the nighttime, we will use it. Likewise in the factory, industry & Construction sites, they use luxurious light called mobile light towers. When it essentially comes to luxurious .you need to select worthy and Quality light towers. In this article, we will give you a few tips on how to select the best Mobile Lighting Tower when requires? 

What Is Mobile Light Tower?

A Mobile lighting tower is a piece of equipment with one or more high-intensity electric lamps and mast which are used majorly in construction & mines. The light tower is attached to the mast & the mast is attached to the trailer. The generator is set to power the lamp. Normally mobile light tower is powered by a diesel engine. Harsh weather conditions could not affect the light tower because of its user-friendliness and portability.

How Mobile Light Tower Work?

Mobile Lighting towers are robustly constructed & contain major components; a generator to power the lamp, one or more high-intensity electric lamps & the mobile light is usually provided by wheels or trailer hitch. The new version of LED lighting is more efficient & also inflatable mast, reducing weight and sacrificing height and stability.

Types of Mobile Lighting Tower We Use in India

Smarta Mobile light towers rental in Chennai
  • Inflatable Balloon Light Tower 720 Watt LED.
  • Portable Tower Light.
  • Aska Inflatable Light Tower.
  • Trolley Mounted Tower Light.

Choose Portable Tower Light

  • Mostly in every industry, mines & construction sites used to prefer portable tower light. Because it features as high-efficient, durable & can survive in hard weather
  • Quick and easy set up for transport-height light capacity some lighting towers can generate even seven times more light than the fixed light towers

Applications of Mobile Light Towers

  • The applicable place should be suitable for mobile lighting and emergency lighting of large scale power operation
  • The light source of mobile lighting is 1000w high energy-saving lamp is when adopted, the life of towers shall be more than 10000 hours.
  • An imported high-performance generator set is used for the power supply. power is up to 7KW or above. which can work more than 9 hours.
  • Fully automatic operation, starting the engine, retracting and releasing the hydraulic feet & the switches are controlled by one button

Benefits of Mobile Light Towers

  • Fast easy setup
  • Easily transported
  • Powerful lightning
  • Low noise

Fast Easy Setup

The mobile towers can be easily set up with the help of less manpower. Handling the light towers is so easy you can set up fast. 

Easily Transported

Mobile lighting towers can be easily taken from one place to another place.

Powerful Lightning

All portable mobile lighting will be brighter and highly essential and it is ten times better than tungsten-halogen bulbs.

Low Noise

Mobile lighting Towers have high noise reduction mechanisms in the workplace for reducing noise pollution. You can operate below 88lwa/65dba for low noise.

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