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Diesel Generators Will Be the Essential Equipment of the Building and Construction Industry

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Nowadays, many challenges faced by the building and construction industry, Most of the challenges is the availability of power for undertaking construction activities.
These construction activities include government projects and excavation for foundations, land levelling, road construction, bridge construction, concrete mixing, crane operation, bore well digging, on-site prestressed concrete production, welding operations, railway construction, metro construction and other related activities.

All these construction and industry activities need an electric power in the construction site to operate various machines needed to undertake construction site to operate various machines. Most of the industrial companies depend on power generators to supply the required power.

Features Required of Power Generators For Building and Construction Industry:

Building & Construction Industry operates a variety of equipment the power requirement is the following:

  1. Wide range of power ratings varied needs of different types of equipment
  2. Continuous and uninterrupted power supply
  3. High fuel efficiency
  4. High reliability
  5. Quick turnaround time for repairs
  6. Easy availability of fuels
  7. Compliance to statutory of performance, noise and environmental pollution

We are a host of generator manufacturer and provide rental generators offered various kinds of generators using diesel as the fuel of choice because of the inherent advantages diesel offers. Our offers with easy availability, relatively lower cost and efficiently of diesel engines.

Different Types Of generators Commonly used at construction sites:

Where are construction activities take place in the city?

Small bridges, small houses, small commercial shops and rural roads to large bridges.large bungalows, large commercial places like malls and national highways.

Different types Of generators used for constructions:

  1. High Powered Generators: These type of generator that provides huge amounts of power required at large construction sites.
  2. Medium Powered Generators: It can produce power in the range of 5 kW to 200 kW are required for smaller construction activities such as building a single house, smaller roads, shops, low rise apartments, temporary construction jobs and repair works.
  3. Standby Generators: These type of Genset serve the purpose when the main generator supply fails for some reason or the other.
  4. Portable Generators: Usually Construction site are spread over a large area and these type generators either have wheels attached on base it can useful transport easily anywhere in the construction site area.

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