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Primary duties: Auditor reviews a business’ or individual’s financial filings to ensure calculations are correct and all finances are accounted for. Auditors are called to both randomly assess financial management and in specific cases when financial crimes are suspected.

Auditors review the accounting records, operational data, and financial records of companies to ensure their financial records are accurate and in line with generally accepted accounting principles. Auditors might inspect the accounts of the company they work for or those of other organizations. They identify issues and make recommendations to solve the issues they discover. They might also make recommendations for risk management measures and cost savings.

Accounting clerk

Primary duties: Accounting clerks are responsible for a variety of tasks that help accountants maintain finances at an organization. Some tasks might include filing paperwork, tracking income and debts, creating reports and maintaining records.

Accounting skills are central to an accounting clerk’s responsibilities. These professionals assist accounting departments with budgeting, accounting, and reporting every day. They must have a solid understanding of accounts payable and receivable, coding, and transactional accounting.

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